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I'm mylene, new to this community and hope we can make new friends here. :)

so I'm here to make a request:

Type of Graphic: two different wallpapers and two different banners
Picture/background colour to use: (I want that image colour to be black and white or gray)
Text: (font? it should be curlz Mt, is that ok?)
Special Effects: (I prefer it to be kinda rare, old, funky and unique for the pics)
Username on the graphic?: (yes, because I want "Miss Dreamer" for my MySpace Page)
Anything else: (I want images to be "polaroid" on the background for the banner or something fun, funky and rare)

here are the picsCollapse )

I hope you don't mind at all. If you have questions, just ask me quickly, cuz I will be online on LJ until around 4 or 5 pm. if I'm not online, just leave a comment anytime. Thanks so much!

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Banner for my forum

Type of Graphic (icon, banner, etc.): Banner
Picture/background colour to use: Pink background color
Text: The Divine Divas
Special Effects: None
Username on the graphic?: Nope
Anything else: I just need a simple, classy, attractive banner for my womens forum. The Divine Divas is the name, I'd just like the letters to be nice looking.

Misc - magick


When you say *any type of graphic* do you also include manipulations? Two entirely different pictures combined? Or a person from one picture added to another picture? Or even just move a head from one picture to another?

Also, are there things you don't make graphics for?
What I am trying to find is someone who can make me some graphics/manipulations for Supernatural, Wincest and Mpreg (male pregnancy)?

If you are ok with either of those, feel free to reply, but if you don't want to do it, that's cool, I just figured it couldn't hurt to ask :)
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